#30dayfoodphotochallenge Day 20 – Smokey Cocktail

Got the idea for this shoot at like 6pm.

I found this glass container with the wood base 4 years ago when I moved into the apartment.  Didn't throw it away because I thought it looked cool and someday I was going to use it for something.

Today was the day I guess.

I knew that I wanted to smoke something under there.  And immediately I thought of a cocktail.

But I ran into an issue quickly.  The cocktail glass that I had didn't fit under enough to close it and keep the smoke in.

So at 7pm I flew to Marshalls to look for a small glass that looked cool.

I purchased the glass, and also found some fake palm trees that gave the shot a bit of a tropical feel.

So when I tried this new cup, it also didn't fit.

I tried to smoke the container, and put the glass under then lift, but the smoke wasn't there.

So I knew that I needed to do photoshop magic on this.

I ended up using 5 photos for the final print.

Checkout my portfolio on @behance to see the full shoot. 

Camera: SONY α7III @sonyalpha @sonyalphapro
Edit: Lightroom Classic @lightroom
Godox AD300Pro for lighting @godox_global

Sony 50mm F1.8 OSS

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