#30dayfoodphotochallenge Day 17 – Screwball on The Rocks

I’ve been meaning to do a reflective shoot for a while now, but could find the right reflective base.

Yesterday I went on a mission to find one, and got lucky.

This shot was supposed to be just a regular reflective shot, and then I started to get creative.

I had other takes with peanuts flying into the cup and making the splash, but it was too much.

Again I made another mess.  That's 3 days in a row.

I’ve had the idea for this shoot ever since I tasted @skrewballwhiskey

If you haven't tasted it before, iot tastes like peanuts. (sooo goood)

So that's why I included the peanuts as props.

Camera: SONY α7III @sonyalpha @sonyalphapro
Edit: Lightroom Classic @lightroom
Godox AD300Pro and Godox AD200Pro for lighting @godox_global

Sony 50mm F1.8 OSS

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