#30dayfoodphotochallenge Day 16 – Floating burger

This is another shot that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

I think that it's a bit played out, but I thought it was worth seeing if I could pull it off.

I felt like a little kid putting together a school project.

One tip if you're going to try this:  Start from the top and make sure it's secure.

This alpine will save you tons of minutes that I wasted.

I kept staring at the bottom, and then when something on the top would drop it would knock everything else down.

Also, I suggest using a real hamburger.  I used a @beyondmeat burger and it wasn't cooked completely, so it was a second away from breaking in half.

And the mustard and ketchup was fun.  Two days in a row of making a mess in my dining room.

….. I need a studio.

Camera: SONY α7III @sonyalpha @sonyalphapro
Edit: Lightroom Classic @lightroom
Godox AD300Pro and Godox AD200Pro for lighting @godox_global

Sony 50mm F1.8 OSS

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